Have you ever wondered which kind of bird gets mentioned most frequently in the songs of Alasdair Roberts, and in what contexts? If not, there are quite a few other pages on the world wide web, and you may find one of them more interesting than this. But if such questions have occurred to you, you may find the answers via the links below. However, be warned: these pages are the works of hooded librarians hidden (they hope) behind the veil of anonymity: their work is certainly unauthorised and probably unchecked. Mondegreens and misunderstandings abound. Caveat lector. Altruists are invited to correct mistakes by clicking 'Edit' on the offending page.

Each concordance page covers a single theme, cluster or taxonomy:

Not yet collated and subject to revision/development (as with those above!):
  • All too human (folly, vainglory etc)
  • Cycle of life
  • Family & relations
  • Heavenly bodies & phenomena
  • Insects
  • Measures & measurement
  • Mythical roles & archetypes
  • Sacred
  • Sea & nautical
  • Scotland & Celtic references
  • [your suggestion here]